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Publication date: 07.07.2020

MOSCOW, June 19, 2020 – The Federal Agency on Technical Regulating and Metrology (Rosstandart) informs about the ban on issuing Golden Dragon buses of the XML6957 type (trade name CARRIER or D95).

The decision was made in accordance with paragraphs 103 and 105 of the technical regulations of the Customs Union «On the safety of wheeled vehicles».

The reason for this decision is the non-compliance of vehicles with the requirements of technical regulations, revealed by the results of tests in 2019 within the framework of Rosstandart’s supervisory powers. The violations on such parameters as efficiency of brake systems, restraint systems, strength of seats and their anchorages, vehicle safety glazing efficiency lighting, body strength, the device of the emergency call (ERA-GLONASS), and other parameters. Thus, the use of Golden Dragon buses of the XML6957 type is dangerous for the life and health of road users.

Despite this, the company Golden Dragon Bus LLC, which is the official importer of Golden Dragon buses, ignored the legal requirements to eliminate the detected violations. In particular, in violation of article 38 of the Federal Law «On technical regulating», the company did not take measures to develop a program of measures to prevent harm from handling dangerous products (recall campaign), including the elimination of structural violations and repair of equipment in use. The illegal sale of dangerous buses also continues.

The legality and validity of Rosstandart’s actions was confirmed by the decision of the Moscow Arbitration Court of December 13, 2019 and the decision of the Ninth Arbitration Appeal Court of February 18, 2020.

According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, 109 units of Golden Dragon buses of the XML6957 type are in operation (registered) on the territory of the Russian Federation.

Rosstandart is currently preparing a lawsuit to force the recall of dangerous Golden Dragon buses in accordance with article 40 of the Federal Law «On technical regulating».

Rosstandart informs about the possibility of owners of these vehicles to apply to the Agency for legal support to protect their legitimate interests.